Making the World More Understandable

What’s Tora Writing Services?

Lorrie Nicoles, Word Nerd

I write and edit for Bay Area professionals who are passionate about what they do and want to establish or expand the written proof of their expertise.

I generally fall in the category of Content Writer. Specifically, I produce copy for websites, marketing material, newsletters, and blogs/articles.

Additionally, I’m a Substantive Editor. That’s the vicious one with the red pen – except that I edit in green.

In short, I put your brilliance on the page.

Lorrie’s 3 Commandments of Writing

#1 If you wrote it, have someone else read it before it goes out.

While I frequently wish someone would have re-read many e-mails I receive, this rule is intended for reports, newsletters, and other material that you spend a great deal of time on. I have this commandment because of how embarrassing it can be to release something and then to realize that you lost your subject mid-paragraph. Also, when you write something, you tend to read what you intended – not what you actually got down.

#2 People should not have to write about themselves.

This one is easy, I can write – and have written – about topics from the mundane to the bizarre, but when I am the topic, I’m miserable. I hate doing my own bios, resume, and introductions; but I have no problem with helping other people (except for resumes, I don’t do resumes).

#3 Just because you speak brilliantly, does not mean you write brilliantly.

How we listen and how we read are different. I do not know why, I just know that they are different. This means that to deliver a brilliant message in a written form requires a different skill set than delivering the same message verbally.